wax melts


note profiles



beach house

top: wood sage

middle: sea salt, amber 

base: citrus 



top: tangerine, peach 

middle: mango, passionfruit

base:  sandalwood

coconut açai

top: coconut 

middle: açai berries, cherry, plum

base: wood


top: orange

middle: sugar, vanilla

base: marshmallow 


lemonade stand 

top: watermelon, lemon 

middle: strawberry 

base: sugar, vanilla


pineapple kiwi

top: pineapple, grapefruit

middle:  kiwi fruit, melon 

base: lemongrass


sun bum

top: amaretto, pineapple

middle: banana, coconut milk 

base: coconut, vanilla, tonka bean 


yuzu blossom

top: bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin 

middle: jasmine, sea salt, yuzu

base: cedar

WAX MELTS are finally here

made with 100% soy wax and blended with "clean" phthalate free fragrances. 

one cube will literally fill your home.




remove one to two cubes from packaging and place in a tart warmer and enjoy!


what not to do:

do not add water.

do not melt on stove top or in a non - approved appliance.

use only in well ventilated areas away from flammable areas. 

discontinue use if dish contains less than 1/2" of wax. 



note profiles


S U M M E R T I M E    P I C N I C 



top: warm bread

middle: butter

base: pastry 


top: lemon, sugar, mint

middle: cake, butter  

base: honey



top: grapefruit, lemon

middle: thyme, mint

base: bergamot


pavlova (Australian dessert)

top: pineapple

middle: mango, passionfruit

base: vanilla, cream, sugar


raspberry jam

top:  raspberry

middle: strawberry, plum

base: vanilla, sugar



top: champagne, lemon

middle: peach, blood orange

base: orange peel 


strawberry chantilly

top: lemon

middle: strawberry, cream

base: sugar  


sun bum

top: amaretto, pineapple

middle: banana, coconut, coconut milk

base: vanilla


twin cone

top: vanilla

middle: cream, chocolate 

base: waffle cone




top: ozone, spearmint

middle: bamboo, green leaves

base: moss, amber


top: aloe, agave

middle: green floral, green leaves  

base: chrysanthemum, patchouli



top: green leaves

middle: honeysuckle, lilac

base: powder, amyris


lily of the valley

top: bergamot

middle: lily of the valley, moss 

base: light musk


orange grove

top: citrus 

middle: orange peel, mint 

base: agave, mandarin


sel de mer

top: orange peel, palm

middle: sea salt

base: ozone, amber


spring rain

top: green leaves, moss

middle: rose 

base: sandalwood, ozone