diffuser - home


a flameless scented option for your home

will last 3+ months

comes with:

4oz glass bottle of fragrance + essential oils with an added natural reed diffuser base

10 x natural + responsibly harvested rattan reeds 


note profiles


A U T U M N   C O L L E C T I O N 


apple butter

top: almond

middle: butter, apple, brown sugar

base: clove, caramel 

butterscotch bourbon

top: peppercorn, cardamom 

middle: butterscotch, brown sugar 

base: bourbon, oak, patchouli



top: cinnamon, citrus

middle: berry, apple

base: pecan, cedar



top:  apple, clove

middle: pine, eucalyptus, juniper

base: cranberry , cedar


fig jam 

top: fig, sea salt, caramelized sugar

middle: brown sugar 

base: amber 



top: butter, vanilla 

middle: plum, black cherry

base: caramelized sugar



top: lemon peel, nutmeg

middle: amaretto, almond 

base: sugar, vanilla  


pumpkin spice 

top: amaretto, pineapple

middle: banana, coconut, coconut milk

base: vanilla


salted caramel

top: orange, coconut 

middle: caramel, sea salt, praline 

base: popcorn, butter





top: ozone, spearmint

middle: bamboo, green leaves

base: moss, amber


top: aloe, agave

middle: green floral, green leaves  

base: chrysanthemum, patchouli


lily of the valley

top: bergamot

middle: lily of the valley, moss 

base: light musk


orange grove

top: citrus 

middle: orange peel, mint 

base: agave, mandarin


sel de mer

top: orange peel, palm

middle: sea salt

base: ozone, amber


spring rain

top: green leaves, moss

middle: rose 

base: sandalwood, ozone




top: bergamot, cherry blossom

middle: freesia, green leaves, peony, magnolia 

base: powder, amber 


garden mint

top: spearmint, eucalyptus 

middle: anise, mint

base: powder, wood 


lavender vanilla 

top: bergamot, citrus

middle: lavender, vanilla 

base: cedar, eucalyptus, camphor, vanilla bean 




top: green tea leaves

middle: acacia, jasmine, vanilla

base: patchouli, sandalwood


morning dew

top: green leaves, citrus 

middle: lily of the valley, ozone, grass

base: sandalwood, moss, sage


sweet lemon

top: citrus

middle: lemon peel, sugar 

base: lemon

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