easter candles


E A S T E R is here!

T H R E E  sweet easter treats in candle form.

Introducing Creme Egg, Hot Cross Buns and PEEPS

Creme Egg

Just like the sweet treat that's filled with gooey creamy deliciousness. This scent may be better than the egg hunt! Notes of chocolate, caramel and a touch of cream it will leave you feeling like you’re the Easter bunny yourself!

note profile 

top: chocolate

middle: cream, sugar, caramel 

base: sugar, chocolate

Hot Cross Buns

A cross between a dinner roll and a cinnamon roll, this scent will fill your room of baked goodness and give your room a feeling of warmth and closeness without having to turn on the oven. Notes of spiced fruit, cinnamon, cloves and just enough (or a lot) of butter.

note profile 

top: spiced fruit, cinnamon

middle: baked bread 

base: butter, vanilla


A classic (and extra sweet!) Easter treat. Just like the little chicks, scents notes of creamy marshmallow with a hint of vanilla and cream this cute easter treat will fill any room with nostalgic vibes. 


 note profile 

top: vanilla 

middle: marshmallow, cream

base: sugar