diffuser - car


these hanging cuties can be used anywhere you want them to. customizable colours and available in a variety of scents

use in your car, home, camper, and anywhere in-between #smellsgood

comes with:

-simple + stylish wooden diffuser 

-0.5oz of fragrance (can last up to 6 months)

-mounting and scenting instructions


note profiles


V A C A Y  V I B E S 



top: ozone, citrus

middle: sea salt

base: cedar

espresso martini

top: coffee 

middle: sugar, cream 

base: vodka, coffee liqueur



top: sea salt, lime

middle: guava, orange

base: agave, sugar, tequila



top: lime, mint

middle: pineapple

base: rum


peach bellini

top: amaretto, lime

middle: peach, papaya 

base: champagne



top: red wine, orange

middle: pineapple, raspberry, apple

base: white wine, oak 


toasted coconut 

top: coconut milk, almond 

middle: coconut, caramelized sugar 

base: sugar, tonka bean


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