the basic candle is made with natural coconut wax, cotton wicks and high quality fragrance + essential oils. available in 4oz and 8oz and also double wicked 16oz 

the clear glass jar comes with a white aluminium lid that will add a touch of beauty and a burst of fragrance to any decor.

4oz / 25 - 35+ hour burn time.

8oz / 50 - 60+ hour burn time.

16oz / 80+ hour burn time.

note profiles



beach house

top: wood sage

middle: sea salt, amber 

base: citrus 



top: tangerine, peach 

middle: mango, passionfruit

base:  sandalwood

coconut açai

top: coconut 

middle: açai berries, cherry, plum

base: wood


top: orange

middle: sugar, vanilla

base: marshmallow 


lemonade stand 

top: watermelon, lemon 

middle: strawberry 

base: sugar, vanilla


pineapple kiwi

top: pineapple, grapefruit

middle:  kiwi fruit, melon 

base: lemongrass


sun bum

top: amaretto, pineapple

middle: banana, coconut milk 

base: coconut, vanilla, tonka bean 


yuzu blossom

top: bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin 

middle: jasmine, sea salt, yuzu

base: cedar



birthday cake

top: buttercream, sugar

middle: cream, honey

base: vanilla


top: saffron, camphor

middle: clove, incense, sandalwood

base: amber, patchouli, smoke


coffee vanilla

top: coffee, buttercream 

middle: sugar

base: cream, vanilla 

northern lights

top: lavender, eucalyptus 

middle: cypress, pine

base: oak moss, peppercorn, cedar



top: bergamot, cedarwood

middle: camphor, oakmoss

base: cedar, patchouli, amber


smoked honey

top: incense, bergamot

middle: honey, amber

base: tonka, smoke


the lakes 

top: bergamot, sea salt 

middle: mint, basil 

base: marine, orange 


tulip fields 

top: peach, palm 

middle: peony, tulip 

base: green leaves 





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