bakked collection


Discover the sweet delight of the BAKKED collection.

This collection will have your home smelling like it's straight out of a pastry shop! Enjoy the delectable aromas and fill your space with a bakery-inspired scent that'll make your mouth water. Who said you can't have your cake and candle too?


4oz / 25 - 35+ hour burn time.

8oz / 50 - 60+ hour burn time.


note profiles


B A K K E D 


apple pie 

top: almond, pie crust 

middle: apple, brown sugar

base: butter, cinnamon, clove 



top: vanilla 

middle: cream, hazelnut 

base: chocolate, sugar, praline

blueberry pie

top: lemon

middle: blueberry, milk, butter 

base: vanilla


chocolate croissant 

top: fresh bread 

middle: cream, hazelnut 

base: chocolate


cinnamon bun 

top: clove, cinnamon 

middle: cream, vanilla 

base: nutmeg


banana bread 

top: banana, lemon peel 

middle: sugar, nutmeg 

base: walnut, butter



top: cinnamon 

middle: honey 

base: cream