NEW felt wool ball car diffusers


Enjoy the ride with our NEW felt wool ball car diffusers!

Feel the mystery of our surprise colours, or let us know your fav colour combo  - it's your decision! Add some fun and vibrancy to your car, and keep those good car smells comin' with our colourful and unique felt ball diffusers!


note profiles


A U T U M N   C O L L E C T I O N 


apple butter

top: almond

middle: butter, apple, brown sugar

base: clove, caramel 

butterscotch bourbon

top: peppercorn, cardamom 

middle: butterscotch, brown sugar 

base: bourbon, oak, patchouli



top: cinnamon, citrus

middle: berry, apple

base: pecan, cedar



top:  apple, clove

middle: pine, eucalyptus, juniper

base: cranberry , cedar


fig jam 

top: fig, sea salt, caramelized sugar

middle: brown sugar 

base: amber 



top: butter, vanilla 

middle: plum, black cherry

base: caramelized sugar



top: lemon peel, nutmeg

middle: amaretto, almond 

base: sugar, vanilla  


pumpkin spice 

top: amaretto, pineapple

middle: banana, coconut, coconut milk

base: vanilla


salted caramel

top: orange, coconut 

middle: caramel, sea salt, praline 

base: popcorn, butter