artist tin collab


we have joined forces with SIX talented artists in thunder bay to bring you this amazing collab that's giving back to the community!

a portion of sales will be given to the charity of choice of each artist. 

each artist tin scent has been chosen by the artist persoanlly to best compliment their work wrapped on the tin. 

artist / scent / charity 

ashley kibzey 

scent: coconut + shea

charity: george jeffery children's foundation


art by elke

scent: oakmoss + amber

charity: shelter house


lines on paper

scent: tree farm  

charity: native women in the arts 


oat milk lady 

scent: cinnamon chai

charity: lucille atlookan


sarah dufresne 

scent: blood orange

charity: beendigen


vik wilen 

 scent: lilac

charity: neechee studio


4oz tin candle / 25-35+ burn time